is committed to:

  • Unify and expand our skijoring community by making participation at our events easy, fun and accessible while keeping everyone safe and competition fair 
  • Be an advocate for "One and All": a support for race venues big and small, old and new and a voice for race organizers and racers alike, both experienced or just getting started

  • Uphold the tradition, individuality and unique character of races and celebrate these in promotional materials

  • Build a sporting alliance that is sustainable because it does not exclude race venues or competitors nor impose monetary demands or strict requirements

  • Provide social media opportunities to bring our existing national and global community closer together and educate those new to our sport or simply curious about skijoring

  • Introduce "open to all" competitions awarding excellence, perseverance, sportsmanship and commitment to the sport

  • Think outside the box and come up with collective solutions for each race’s individual challenges most notably how to make our races as safe and efficient as possible, more profitable, able to attract larger sponsors as well as spectators and gain the support of towns, local businesses and volunteers

  • Promote and develop a winter festival model which includes more than skijoring and partner with ski resorts and ranches that can offer skijoring as a recreational activity 

  • Encourage and strengthen relationships with charitable foundations dedicated to horse rescue and veterans programs offering recreational programs such as skiing