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Board Members

Loren Zhimanskova, President & CEO 

Loren is a graduate of Yale University (B.A. ’86 History of Art) with a background in building and managing businesses as well as spearheading and executing sales and marketing plans for companies such as Ralph Lauren. 

Her professional experience lies in the fields of fashion, photography and history of art as well as in marketing resorts focused on skiing, horseback riding and golf.  She built and owned her own publishing business, is an author and experienced photo editor, and has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Loren noted the potential to bring skijoring to the forefront of the sporting community while volunteering and spectating at numerous skijoring events in the winter of 2012.  Like many, she was immediately fascinated and quickly developed a curiosity and passion for the sport.

Vara Reese - Graphic Design Consultant, Photographer & Videographer Extraordinaire!





In a relatively short period of time, Loren has become well acquainted with the sport’s past and present participants, both skiers and equestrians alike, the organizers and dedicated operational staff, as well as those who work tirelessly to ensure the integrity and safety of the sport and constantly monitor the rules and regulations of the competitions.

Loren gained the enthusiastic support and cooperation of all parties in working to see skijoring expand and thrive in an international market.  The relationships Loren has cultivated over the past five years are a key component to the success of Skijor International and White Turf USA.

Loren divides her time between a ranch in McCoy, Colorado and New York City.   She is a world traveler, avid skier and equestrian and conversant in French, German and Italian having lived in Paris and Munich. 



Michelle Metteer – Economic Development Coordinator, Town of Minturn

Loren Zhimanskova– Event Organizer

Bruce Stott - Course Designer and Ski Consultant and Competitor Liaison

Dana Stiles– Equestrian Consultant and Competitor Liaison

Darin Anderson – Marketing and Sponsorship Consultant, Press Liaison 

authorities on the sport

Jody Manly – The "Godfather" of Skijoring

Lou Dube – A wealth of information!

Tony Fox – Founder of NASJA or The  North American Skijoring Association in 1999, sporting organization formed to encourage fairness, safety and consistency 

Franco Moro – White Turf Skijoering Champion, Sankt Moritz, Switzerland

Jacques Filletroz – Les Arcs, France

Katia Chiron – Nax, Switzerland

Pascal Berguerand - Vallorcine, France


Jodee Thayer – Red River, New Mexico

Tom Needham – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Paul Copper – Leadville, Colorado

Michelle Metteer – Minturn, Colorado

Laura Des Palmes – Silverton, Colorado

Matt Smart – Sandpoint, Idaho

Julie Martin-Stacey & Amy Fradley – Driggs, Idaho

Bill & Michelle Bobbitt – Wood River Extreme, Bellevue, Idaho

Whitni Ciafalo and RJ Klotz – Bozeman, Montana

Scott Ping – Whitefish, Montana

Carla Rey – 320 Ranch, Montana

Denis and Diane Havig – Wisdom, Montana

Geoff & Brooke Smith – New London, New Hampshire & Quebec

INVESTORS & sponsors


Stanley Edwards– Angel Investor