Skijoring is X Games and Olympic bound, and Skijor International® will take it there. . .

loren zhimanskova, President

Equine skijoring is a centuries old pursuit involving a skier reining a horse or team of horses independently from behind or an equestrian riding a horse while pulling a skier and working as a team. The sport is also popular using dogs, motorcycles and even reindeer.

Skijor International® is a multi-faceted company focused on the development and promotion of this uniquely compelling and truly exhilarating extreme winter sport.

While skijoring has been practiced for centuries, thus far it has gained limited exposure worldwide. Skijor International® is the driving force behind its emergence and rise within the sports world as the next “must see” spectator sport and “must do” recreational activity. 

Currently, there is a race circuit in place with highly experienced participants and a variety of events run on a closed track, yet equine skijoring is also accessible to individuals of all ages with rudimentary skills and can be enjoyed in the open country much like Nordic skiing or sleigh riding.

This exciting, crowd-pleasing sport is perfect for thrill seekers and romantics alike.

In America, the word skijoring evokes images of tailgating in a snowy field with rugged cowboys and extreme skiers, but in Europe it conjures up images of sipping on champagne in St. Moritz, Switzerland while spectating a horse racing event in a sophisticated alpine setting or gently gliding on skis behind a horse along a snowy trail through a forest. 

In either setting, skijoring is provocative and memorable and waiting to be discovered.  



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